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 The King of Pins

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Social Media are our new life line, willingly or unwillingly.... different generations are quickly united by the knowledge of 'Tags', 'Hashes' and the recognition that 'Bloggers' are now the new heroes. These heroes who, by mostly looking rather peculiar, if not outright outlandish, (I'm a little scared about one or two as I am trying to become one myself), are on the quest to garner that extra hundred 'likes' or a few handful of  'hearts' on their latest selfie. They become recognised by braving the fashionable streets of Milan, Paris or New York on their way to a 'Tagged' fashion shows, their influence endorsed by rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars, a sunglassed editor or two looking sternly at a television celebrities children and hopefully the many buyers that feel well impressed of sitting behind the supercoiffed hairdo of the some blogger.  Unlike in the past, there is no need of a powerful publisher, today you can start your own multiple accounts on major social media. And now as never before, it is all about taking the right photo at the right place in the right time so in a matter of hours you can garner an incredible number of followers who will hang on your every single word and photograph (whether taken from the length of your own arm, your photostick or,  as I suspect with mega bloggers, your very own hired selfiemakers.... at least I look forward to this last option in the near future).

The big question is: why 'Blog'?  In reading about it on trusted Wikipedia, I find that actually I am not working to create a Blog. Because of the nature of what I would like it to become, I am creating my own 'Mab'.  To me that sounds a little better than Blog, but I am worried that it will be a few years before the rest of the world will also learn what a 'Mab' really is and in the meantime may take a step away from me thinking that I have some contagious disease or that I am part of some new extremist group.... but to me 'Mab' sounds so much much nicer than 'Blog'...... don't you all think so?


Anyway, back to my question of why.  Wikipedia soothingly advise that the original word for what I am doing is to WebLog -  that, again, I love much more than Blog and therefore will amend it all, and from now on will take a good glance at myself in the looking glass, before jumpin in my motorcar and promising that I will never say the world weekend..... and make sure I'll leave the keys of my bugatti right on the corner of the fireplace....


Now that the roots of the name have finally been sorted, I am going to clarify that I will not grow some monstrous beard, cover myself with tattoos or even secretly have parts of my body pierced.  And certainly I will not be going to bed too late due to the lure of some after-party (I'm holding my fingers crossed behind my back as I write this).... and meanwhile I have just realised that this Post is at the very last page of my Mab - mental note to my dislexic self.... it is mab, not bam.....






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