The King of Pins
 The King of Pins

Pearls of wisdom.....    someone said it... ..... let's read it and draw inspiration for the future - a legacy of style, elegance and sustainability                              

Lady Mendl wearing Schiaparelli by Cecil Beaton

Lady Mendle has always been a close and affectionate point of reference and I dote on her many achievements both in her personal and professional life..... a pioneer in many fields and a true visionary, magistrally depicted in a small book

To the One I Love the Best: Episodes from the Life of Lady Mendl (Elsie de Wolfe)

by Ludwig Bemelmans, a great read that depict with great wit and indepth sense of humour how vision and dedication can, not only become reality but the motor to one's life across decades.... and what decades!!!! Her style was reflected in every corner of her homes, and she enjoyed close quarter friendships with the true A lists of the inter/post war years.......... and now in recent years the inspiration behind the chichiest TeaRoom in her beloved NY.
Not only a groundbreaking interior designer, and a fashion icon in every right and a true trend setter of her days (she invented the first selfie, by cutting her head off a Boldini portrait.....), she was a generous writer too... she covered many subjects through the years, and several are still now considered a must read in the world of Interior Design, not to mention as a social study of such amazing life and very enjoyable too.
In her honour, today's Pearl of wisdom is from by
Low low low..... hot hot hot!
and you will have to read the book to find out what she referred to with such intensity....
The charming tale of an amazing life..... a must read!


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