Thank you for stopping by the KingofPins, nice to meet you.


Now like ever, virtual connections are the way forward, keeping us all together when the very essence of families, communities and life itself is no longer what we knew!


No cabin fever here! As we all are learning and adjusting to a new life based on social distancing, isolation or even shielding, the level of communication with the four corners of the globe has never been so alive! 


And what better time to bring back online the KingOfPins after a few years of silence. 


I hope you’ll find enjoyable the moments we’ll share in the weeks to come: past experiences, current opinions and future ideas for us all to spark a conversation, inspire one another in the discovery of how we should truly prepare ourselves to face the new world once we’ll be ready to enjoy freedom again!






What’s your style? Such a broad concept! Possibly one of the words that are applied to the widest varieties of pursuits, ideas and practical elements of our lives. 


Here we’ll cover them all... A l’Italiana!




The now big ‘no-no’! Travelling such a labour of love!


From local jaunts to intrepid expeditions - travelling always an epic part of our lives... new connections and broadening our horizons the main benefits of this pursuit - postcards from our trips, memories of past adventures and inspirational tales...




Food glorious food! 


Let’s unfold our napkins and bring the joys of a great lunch with friends, a memorable celebratory dinner or a bucolic picnic on the grass!


In Italy, we say ‘a Tavola non s’invecchia mai’ - you never grow old when sitting around a delectable dining table!




The ultimate expression of freedom!


Let’s dream and share hopes, Pindaric flights, buckets lists and daredevil dreams... 


Let’s check what we have in mind and... be careful what you wish for!


Looking back to the very beginning of my life, most of my early memories revolve around fashion and hospitality. 


Brought up at the heart of Italian family life in Forte dei Marmi, the Tuscan summer holiday resort par excellence, I grew up observing a privileged lifestyle and excellence in its many forms. 


Class 1963, fleeted through black&white tv glamour, Sophia Loren and Cary Grant, the Hollywood classics, moved to further my studying on the shores of the Lac Leman, and even served as a bomb diffuser in the Italian army... but the reason why I have been in London, spun from a summer spent in what now has been my home since 1992, and that made such a lasting impression in my vivid sense of imagination... ​



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