By Nicola Donati / 16th April 2020


Every day I receive tempting invitations from far too many friends to join them for a walk in the park, or a stroll down the road... the promise of self-distancing still not enough to tempt us to leave home; emails of irresistible travel opportunities - in the months to come - are appearing in our inboxes every day... the magic of Bali or why not to extend all the way to New Zealand.... wilderness and beaches of South Africa... drive Route 66, just to mention a few. 


Hard to commit to intercontinental travel at this moment - as improbable and far away as the destinations on offer: from when we’ll be able to fly again? How we’ll be able to set aside some free time once the travel restrictions will finally fall, in consideration most of us had already so much time away from our professions during a lockdown? (Or if you read this and live outside Great Britain, keep reading as the suggestions that follow can be of inspiration for future travels across The Channel once international travels will be back on its feet). 


Why not envisage instead the opportunity to create some short trips to more local destinations - these can be organised almost ‘on the spot’, a few hours drive or travel by train, and the countryside, coast or lakes will be all there waiting for us all to enjoy. 


So much to choose from: a favourite place to visit again, or a new destination, or a trip centred around joining friends in other parts of the country to make up for social distancing, could all be inspirations to create a series of few long weekends away and test our feet for international travel again, meanwhile the world will slowly resume opening borders. Here are a few inspirations on how to start dreaming and plan your trips around the country

If not already members of the National Trust now a good moment to join and to support a great organisation: the choice of which historic property to visit is yours, literally everywhere the UK, and for sure always great fun to visit during the summer and autumn, and the range of activities covers a wide spectrum of interests for all. If you want to experience the full magic of a visit, most properties offer the opportunity to spend a few nights in a charming gatehouse, pretty cottage or even stately part of the many properties they manage beautifully on behalf of the nation, and enjoy a romantic gateway with your loved one or a family stay (

If your preference is instead to create a more exclusive trip in the countryside, a flick through the selection of properties in the Landmark Trust is where you should look.


If self-catering not up to your sleeve, why not to visit Relais&Chateau: a fine collection of hotels that embody fine cuisine, excellent cellars in idyllic settings 


All of the above offer recommendations based on your interests, just indicate your likes in the filter section and start dreaming. 


Thank you for reading, more soon, stay safe and in touch with your loved ones. 



By Nicola Donati / 3rd April 2020


All of a sudden we are not going as further than our local supermarket, and the one time I did try to go (a mere 5 minutes walk) made it back home totally exhausted... and yet till not long ago a 15 hours flight to a far-flung destination was not much more than a process.... to take us to places where nobody could possibly really understand our language, venture in eating eye-popping delicacies and spend sleepless nights in adjusting to jet-lag.


The view of empty airports and tarmac full of planes waiting to resume schedules now completely cancelled is rather spectacular at first.


And yet the repercussions of this moment will be reverberating for the years to come, and the way we’ll travel will follow the line of many other activities we used to take for granted before this life-changing experience, and for the time being let’s make our lockdown count... staycation at it’s best!






What’s your style? Such a broad concept! Possibly one of the words that are applied to the widest varieties of pursuits, ideas and practical elements of our lives. 


Here we’ll cover them all... A l’Italiana!





Food glorious food! 


Let’s unfold our napkins and bring the joys of a great lunch with friends, a memorable celebratory dinner or a bucolic picnic on the grass!


In Italy, we say ‘a Tavola non s’invecchia mai’ - you never grow old when sitting around a delectable dining table! 




The ultimate expression of freedom!


Let’s dream and share hopes, Pindaric flights, buckets lists and daredevil dreams... 


Let’s check what we have in mind and... be careful what you wish for!

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